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Healthy Weight Loss



Unlock Your Fat Burning Potential

Discover the real science behind the muscle! Remove body fat, gain muscular strength and most importantly, keep the fat from coming back for life. No gimmicks, no starvation, just follow the e-Guide to a new you. 



Key Elements for Optimized Results

The e-Guide will provide you with access to the Fat Loss Unlocked platform for a lifetime. No-one is left behind, Fat Loss Unlocked ensures your success. It is possible! You can burn body fat and build muscle without spending countless hours in the gym.


application of 30/3


Download the e-Guide worry free. For any questions beyond the e-Guide, future access is available through the interactive online coaching service at Fat Loss Unlocked. This program will show you the ‬Windows of Opportunity‭ and also teach you how to achieve amazing results time after time.‬ 



Download your digital copy now and begin your transformation TODAY!


Burn body fat without ever going hungry again and best of all, see serious results and begin feeling better almost immediately. Again, no gimmicks, no starvation, just follow the methods to a new you! Get a FREE consult when you purchase the e-Guide, use the CONTACT tab above, type "FREE CONSULT" in the subject line and a Fat Loss Unlocked representative will contact you within 48 hours.  


                          Knowing what and when to eat, it's all in the  e-Guide


                Knowing what and when to eat, it's all in the e-Guide


Get started today and receive exactly what you need to know about transforming your body the most effective way. Life isn't always about strict eating and fad dietary habits, it's more about learning how to make food nutrients go to work for you. Give me a chance and I will teach you the importance of food-timing for optimal fat burn and muscle gain. I expose several tips and tricks and then break into the science of food blending at certain intervals.

If you are interested in gaining an extra advantage concerning energy, mental clarity, focus etc... You can also combine products from PRÜVIT’S KETO//OS® which can be found within my affiliate network. I only promote and endorse products I have tried myself and only support the most effective programs. If you give me the opportunity, I will show you (STEP BY STEP) how to remove unwanted body fat and keep it from returning for life. 




My 30/3 Rule can (almost effortlessly) unlock your fat burning potential. By eating certain foods at the right time you can put yourself into a state of thermic burn. Knowing when to consume different types of protein is a must, along with knowing the differences within the proteins you eat.  You will also learn how to use digestive enzymes to your advantage. I break it all down to help you better understand the effects of rapid and slow protein absorption and why it is so important to understand the difference. You will achieve results within days of getting started, that's right - within just days!



While categorizing each workout correctly I cover a variety of different workouts, teaching customers how to gain muscle and burn body fat is my main focus.  I also explain the importance of isometric stretching and how to target the process of cellular respiration while replenishing muscle fibers. The benefits of an increased thermic effects can offer amazing results.  With the proper application of stretching, you will also be able to avoid delayed onset muscle soreness (DOMS) as well.

Knowing what and when to eat, it's all in the e-Guide