Weight Management

The Science Behind Total Weight Management

All the how-to’s wrapped into one system! How to enjoy life without “buying” into all the traditional dieting hype. Get the SKINNY on how to properly apply a couple new dietary habits and achieve your desired weight loss goals. Or just focus on the how-to portion and after you've seen the results for yourself, then visit the Science Behind The Muscle section for the explanation - fact based biochemistry. DEFINITELY WORTH THE READ!!!

There’s no need to cut out all high starch & processed foods as complete “AVOIDANCE” is just not possible nor sustainable. See how to use nutrient rich foods to your advantage. Eating the right foods at the right time can yield AMAZING results... allowing you to enjoy some junk food along the way.

A variation in dietary habits, mixing it up just as we do with weight training can offer great results as well. The body is wired for survival and will eventually adapt to almost all imposed methods so mix it up and avoid tolerance adaptation on all fronts.

Concerning both intermittent fasting and meal frequency, some only support one or the other. However, it’s those that find balance among different variations that seem to be the most successful in weight management-gaining muscle or losing weight.


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Build Muscle Burn Body Fat with Nutritional Timing

What if you could build lean muscle and lose stubborn fat while still being able to eat delicious foods and never feeling hungry again? No one should have to worry about "eating clean" all the time! Using the right methods with Fat Loss Unlocked you can get lean and healthy results in no time at all. It is possible, you can transform your body while still eating the foods you love each and every day.

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Weight Loss Support

It is possible to eat all the foods that most people enjoy and still be able to manage your body weight. Fat Loss Unlocked provides the best approach to SUSTAINABLE life-long weight management…

My latest edition, the v3 opens the door to endless body transformation opportunities and then explains why the body either gains or loses weight. Wait, there’s even more! A unique and clear road-map to success, making your goals become long-term results.

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