Fat Loss Unlocked     It is possible! We can burn body fat and build muscle without spending countless hours in the gym.

Fat Loss Unlocked

It is possible! We can burn body fat and build muscle without spending countless hours in the gym.

We offer a variety of online weight management services and have recently opened an online personal coaching platform at Fat Loss Unlocked. This step-by-step tutorial removes all the guesswork!!!

Fat Loss Unlocked was first introduced by B. Price (2002) “The Science Behind The Muscle”… His methods have since grown worldwide while assisting military members of all branches of service and many others around the globe. Taking a scientific approach toward weight management, Price, B. “The Science Behind The Muscle” v1 (2006) has developed a methodical teaching tool at Fat Loss Unlocked, v3 is the latest edition. The e-Guide is jam-packed with how-to guidance based on scientific facts with regard to cellular biochemistry, how the cells trigger and communicate within the human body. The principles for this internal communication can shift the body into what we know as Ketosis, burning off unwanted body fat while also providing rapid nourishment of nutrient rich BCAA’s (Branched Chain Amino Acids ) to the muscle fibers.

Price’s methods have paved the way for 1000's around the globe, his program is now available @FatLossUnlocked. The tutorial and sample meal plan (included in E-Guide v3) provide the BEST approach to weight loss and explain all the how-to’s for total weight management. If you are interested in losing weight, burning body fat and feeling great, check out the E-Guide v3

Fat Loss Unlocked

Fat Loss Unlocked


All while trying to balance family time and my active duty service commitment (US Air Force) not to mention, many extra curricular's... I never thought I would have time to continue my Fat Loss Unlocked journey and attempt my hand at marketing at the same time. I made this video thinking I was only going to help a few people back home. Once the video was published, I soon realized (based on the testimony of others) that my methods should be implemented and designed accordingly. With the help of a few friends, once again I was inspired to continue this journey and assist others with their weight management goals. 

I started off by giving away copies of my documented work, years of research hoping to help others and maybe find someone that could make my methods better.  Spent countless hours answering messages, emails, texts, calls etc... Within just days, a lot of questions and supporting reviews were flooding my inbox - 100's of messages with people that have experienced amazing results when using my 30/3 method. 

So after many failed attempts and months of media research, I became anxious to reach a target audience beyond facebook... I started dabbling with ads, PPC's and FIVERR videos like the one below; all while trying to reach those that might be interested in being a BETTER version of themselves. From this day forward I plan to leave the advertising market to the pros and the pros only.  Ouch, what a costly investment along with more headaches than one could imagine!  


The Windows of Opportunity @ Fat Loss Unlocked allows you to enjoy the foods that you already eat but show you how to combine the right foods at the right time.

A huge thanks to both Scott Ponte and Lindsay Michael for all that you've done while assisting me along the way. Your time and efforts will never be forgotten, I sincerely appreciate you guys and hope to repay you someday. I've been so busy trying to maintain the balance of two full time jobs, that I often forget to thank those that have invested their time in me. There are many others that have offered words of encouragement as well but the two of you definitely invested some time and have taught me a lot, not just the "tech stuff" but also a lot about myself.  


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Family Workout

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Fat Loss Unlocked At Curt Gowdy State Park

dreaming up a brand that would match the intent

Fat Loss Unlocked provides daily consults and weekly web seminars, please help support this cause so we can share and publish even more information for our customers at a lower cost. Hoping to team up with the right people and begin building weight management retreat locations - world wide.

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Just by following the methods from Fat Loss Unlocked, people have cut their body fat by 15-25 pounds within the first 30 days. Fat Loss Unlocked knows how to target actual FAT LOSS and not just WEIGHT LOSS - there’s a BIG difference between the two!

Fat Loss Unlocked E-Guide v3

Our latest edition, the v3 opens the door to endless body transformation opportunities and then explains why the body either gains or loses weight. A unique and clear road-map to success making weight loss goals become long-term results.

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Let’s face it we like to eat a lot and often. Okay! Great but do we really know which foods to eat before diving into those big carbohydrate packed meals? The body can benefit greatly throughout osmotic response while allowing our biochemistry to equalize, transporting nourishing molecules more efficiently - generating more ATP (Adenosine Triphosphate) and burning additional fat calories. The e-Guide is designed in such a way that when following the Fat Loss Unlocked principles, all the “BIOCHEMISTRY” happens automatically throughout the cycles of homeostasis… THANK GOD there’s a true Science Behind The Muscle!