My 30/3 and WINDOWS OF OPPORTUNITY -- Build muscle or just prepare for bikini season! "Short" Video 🎞 🎥

Hi! I’m Brian Price, Owner/Founder of Fat Loss Unlocked. If you give me just a few minutes of your time, I will share some potential life changing information with you that will not only inform but will also teach you how to make a full body transformation - the right way! Allowing you to benefit for the rest of your life…

Sure! Nutrition is important but there’s also a little more to it than just that. It’s more about timing and a combination of the right nutrients that really make all the difference. My 30/3 system offers the opportunity to avoid a constant catabolic state. I highly recommend that we all understand how to target our Windows of Opportunity, as these “windows” will effectively provide glycogen replenishment and target the fat burning process. 

If your goal is to build muscle or burn off body fat, then you really need to learn more about how to target these “windows” I break it all down and explain the science behind the muscle. Only teaching you exactly what you need to know in order to be successful. Believe me! I want your success just as much as you do, once people figure out that this is more about them than it is about me, then they’ll realize the truth and will then be able to learn what actually works best for them.   

My newest version of the eGuide + Pictorial along with a Daily Meal Planner will provide you with the KEY to success. I explain how nutrient molecules bond with one another and how to absorb more protein when it’s needed most, ultimately increasing ATP production. Throughout all of which, I also explain all the WHY’s…  I have spent more than a decade conducting research and have helped 1000’s of people achieve their weight management goals. 

With the purchase of my e-Guide before Aug 31st you will also receive free online access to individualized or group coaching, my team and I will stay with you until you’ve achieved your goal.  I leave no one behind and look forward to hearing about your success!  Thanks for listening, all the best to you!

I was just getting started and didn't even know it! 

All while trying to balance family time and my active duty service commitment (US Air Force) not to mention, many extra curricular's... I never thought I would have time to continue my Fat Loss Unlocked journey and attempt my hand at marketing at the same time. I made this video thinking I was only going to help a few people back home. Once the video was published, I soon realized (based on the testimony of others) that my methods should be implemented and designed accordingly. With the help of a few friends, once again I was inspired to continue this journey and assist others with their weight management goals. 

I started off by giving away copies of my documented work, years of research hoping to help others and maybe find someone that could make my methods better.  Spent countless hours answering messages, emails, texts, calls etc... Within just days, a lot of questions and supporting reviews were flooding my inbox - 100's of messages with people that have experienced amazing results when using my 30/3 method. 

A huge thanks to both Scott Ponte and Lindsay Michael for all that you've done while assisting me along the way. Your time and efforts will never be forgotten, I sincerely appreciate you guys and hope to repay you someday. I've been so busy trying to maintain the balance of two full time jobs, that I often forget to thank those that have invested their time in me. There are many others that have offered words of encouragement as well but the two of you definitely invested some time and have taught me a lot, not just the "tech stuff" but also a lot about myself.  

So after many failed attempts and months of media research, I became anxious to reach a target audience beyond facebook... I started dabbling with ads, PPC's and FIVERR videos like the one below; all while trying to reach those that might be interested in being a BETTER version of themselves. From this day forward I plan to leave the advertising market to the pros and the pros only.  Ouch, what a costly investment along with more headaches than one could imagine!  


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